Hey, my name’s Jay by the way…

*Disclaimer: This is an old post – a lot has changed for Jay since this was written, don’t worry though, it’s all good stuff – he’s extremely happy and still in The Netherlands*

I’m so excited to write this particular post, it’s about my good friend and brother from another mother; Jay Darko. The guy is a legend and he is the original Mr. Cool. He’s classy, confident and a real ladies man. Every time you speak with Jay time just floats on by.

I first met Jay through my roommate at the time, Eugene. Pretty soon we were spending every night as a group, eating, drinking and sharing awesome times. We did some crazy stuff, including Jay giving Mart €100 after I dared him to knock on every door in the building whilst completely naked.

I will always be thankful for some of the long and meaningful conversations we shared in my car, over a McDonald’s. I think we both managed to help each other out at one time or another and both profited from each others advice more than once. Jay is very dependable and I am blessed to be his friend, even if we have had our ups and downs.

Jay has had a rather turbulent first year at Fontys and his original intentions were to leave and go elsewhere after completing the propaedeutic phase. Unfortunately for Jay, but fortunately for us, things didn’t go according to plan and now Jay is staying at Fontys and is even switching classes and joining our group, which means I’ll get to see even more of him.

I know that we both miss Eugene an equal amount, and I know that at times things may be tough for Jay, but I’m really glad to call him a friend and I look forward to all the great experiences we’re set to have over this coming year.

Oh and if you’re wondering about the title of this blog, it’s because Jay has a tendency to approach people (mainly girls) at random and say “Hey… I’m Jay by the way”. Mr. Cool ladies and gentleman… Mr. Cool.


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