Fiji left devastated after Cyclone Winston

On Saturday the 20th of January the biggest Cyclone to ever be recorded in the Southern Hemisphere hit Fiji, leaving thousands without their homes and a death toll of at least 20 – which is expected to rise considerably once communication with the outlaying smaller islands have been re-established.

Sustained winds of almost 300 km battered the Fijian islands with waves also reaching up to 12 metres in height.

It’s unfortunate to see that not much coverage is being broadcast on the BBC website nor Sky News (albeit you can find limited information on Sky News when digging a little deeper).

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Grave concern continue to grow for all those on the smaller islands that make up Fiji with no contact unable to be reached since Saturday evening.

For all those you can and want to donate are advised to do so via any of the following links:

By following any of these links, not only can you donate but you will also be able to find more information on Cyclone Winston. The Fijian government has called for a state of natural disaster for at least the next 30 days.




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