We miss you Eugene!

*Disclaimer: I have since traveled to Sydney and visited Eugene, as promised*

There’s times where I’m driving along in my car and a song comes on the radio which reminds me of Eugene Ray and as strange as it sounds there’s often a little lump appears in my throat. Eugene was my roommate during my first year at Fontys and we experienced a lot together throughout the ten months we lived at Carpe Diem. Towards the end of our first year she was fortunate enough to be offered an opportunity to study on a scholarship in Australia, and of course; she snapped it up with hardly any hesitation. Not only is she set to experience even more cultures of the world but she’ll be an awful lot closer to her home and her family in Vietnam so I think her decision was a wise one, despite the fact she continues to be greatly missed by not only myself and Emilija, but by most of those who’s lives she touched during her time in Holland.

Having to say goodbye to Eugene (may I hasten to add ‘temporarily’), was no easy task and it was extremely upsetting to see a girl who’d been so stone cold and strong all year, suddenly break down and cry at the prospect of departing. There’s hardly a day goes by where she doesn’t pop into my mind. She was a rock when times were tough and although we had our fair share of ups and downs, she was always just a knock on the door away from a deep meaningful conversation which was usually accompanied by some heartwarming and delicious food that she’d cook.

It will be strange entering class again in the next couple of weeks and not being greeted by her smile or her shouts of “BOWER!” whenever I did something wrong. It’ll be surreal also to return home after school and not hear her singing her heart out in the kitchen, or watching Master Chef USA in her bedroom – oh and don’t get me started on her online gaming. There were so many aspects of Eugene which we all loved, and I felt compelled to dedicate a miniature blog post in her honour, especially given the lack of submissions on my part over the past few days.

The only positive from our perspective, in relation to Eugene moving away, is that we now have even greater desires to go to Australia (not that this has ever been in doubt). If nothing else – she has my rucksack which I had to give to her in the airport to help alleviate the problem of her suitcase being too heavy! Visiting Eugene is a super exciting prospect and I know for certain she’ll be the first port of call once arriving down under. I miss her food way too much to delay it any longer.

So anyway, here’s to you my old roommate. It’s been two months now and you’re still as fresh in our memories. I look forward to when we Skype again. Peace sister!


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