I’ve been a huge fan of Twitter for a good number of years now and much to the despair of my Facebook loving friends, I’ve always stuck by it as my number one choice for social media. Recently I’ve had a couple of instances which really vindicated my love for all things Twitter and I wanted to share some of these with you and also give some useful tips on how to maximise your following and make the most out of using Twitter.

Lesson One: Don’t be the annoying dude

If you’re one of those annoying people who starts chain Tweets instructing you to re-tweet their crappy post, follow every Twitter account in the re-tweet list, like a thousand posts from so-and-so favourite cousin, all before sacrificing three sheep at the top of your nearest hill; then I’m sorry to say it but – get fucked. Honestly though, in all seriousness, no one wants to see your spam tweets and we all know you’re just in it to get more followers and your instructions on how we can do the same… never….. actually….. work.

Lesson Two: Get interactive

If you want to build your audience and increase your Twitter following then it goes without saying that you need to get interactive. Speak with your followers, Tweet stuff which you think will appeal to the majority of those who are following you. Thank people for following you, and I don’t mean by sending out those annoying general Direct Messages, I mean actually take the time to see what their profile is about and personally thank them for taking the time to follow you. Of course, if you’re attracting dozens of new followers every day then this can become quite tedious and time consuming, but at least remember to do it from time to time. Speaking with your followers is also a great way for other people to notice you. The more the tweet, the more followers you’re going to get!

Lesson Three: Pin your best tweet

Take full advantage of the fact you can pin your favourite tweet to the top of your profile. This will be the first Tweet anyone will see when taking a closer look at your Twitter account. You’ll also get tons of likes and RT’s as a result. Here’s mine:


Lesson Four: Follow people back

For a good long time I was sitting on around 180 followers and couldn’t for the life of me figure out why I wasn’t able to make my Twitter following grow? The moment that I started following people back I suddenly had an influx of new followers. On average I now pull in around 20 new followers a day and I can afford to be more selective over who I follow back. So long as you always remember to follow those who seem close to your interests and those whom also appeal to you in some way, you’ll benefit from the continued improvement of your Twitter following. Let’s face it, you’re not the only one who wants more followers!

Lesson Five: Tweet good content

Whether you’re catering for your niche and tweeting about matters which concern those in the market from which you’re trying to attract followers, or whether you’re reaching out to the masses and posting the most popular, up to date trending topics and/or funny tweets; content is king when aiming to establish yourself as a Twitter-savvy individual. “Pictures speak a thousand words” is a quote which often gets bounded around and it’s no truer than when using Twitter. Users like to have something to look at other than just words. If you can catch the attention of someone who’s wasting a bit of time by scrolling through their newsfeed then you’re half way there when it comes to ensuring that same person chooses to interact further with you.

Lesson Six: Don’t be a ghost

Okay so I’m going to let you in on a little secret – there’s websites out there that help you track who’s been inactive for a month or more and believe me, if people notice that you’re being boring and are essentially a Twitter ghost, they will unfollow you – and rightly so! No one wants to follow what is essential a dead Twitter account.

So there you have it, three useful lessons to bear in mind when setting up and establishing a Twitter account. But why exactly do I love Twitter so much? Here is my NUMBER ONE reason for my continued love of Twitter:


Got a problem? You can probably find a solution on Twitter. If you’d told me this several months ago I’d have probably just laughed as my own success on Twitter was always on a downward spiral. Fast-forward by a few months and after some fairly painless graft, I can now boast that on more than one occasion Twitter has pulled me out of the shit and also in some cases, offered me some pretty awesome opportunities!


Before flying to New Zealand my friend was still searching hard for an internship opportunity in Wellington but with no luck whatsoever. I then did a little Google search for start-up companies in the Wellington area and found a handy list of the biggest and best. Cue this tweet which I later sent:


What was the response I hear you cry? Well…


I’ve deleted the email address out of respect for the lady. That Skype call never did happen, but what DID happen was a face to face interview when we arrived in Wellington and a subsequent offer of a position for my friend with all her day-to-day expenses covered. Thank you very much Twitter!


As my blog continues to go from strength to strength, I began to reach out to more and more companies and organisations about potential collaborations and deals to assist me on my adventures. Have a gander at the following image to see how simply it was done:


What came of that email? A discount voucher card for 65% off of anything that I wanted to buy within any Kathmandu store. Not bad, huh?


One of my Twitter followers responded to a tweet which was posted by a travel editor for the Guardian newspaper who was looking for unusual travel stories. In their response they mentioned me and my quest to be the first disabled traveller to visit every country in the world.

What happened next? Well… take a look for yourself:

So there you have it – this is why I love Twitter and why I believe it’s worth taking the time to perfect your Twitter presence. Oh and erm… don’t forget to follow me ;0



2 thoughts on “HOW TO TWITTER

  1. I’m wirh you… Twitter over Facebook any day!

    Good tips!

    I remember reading a tip somewhere that said “follow people back, you’re not a celebrity” referencing how people think it looks good to have a ton of followers and only follow a tiny number of people back. Since then I’ve followed everyone back who is a legitimate personal account and then, like you say, as your followers grow you can only follow back the people you really want to follow. It definitely works!


    1. Hey Kat, thanks for your comment! Yep, I used to be the same back in the day and thought that it was of more worth to be following only a select handful and then at the same time be relentlessly encouraging people to follow you. Now I’m all about sharing the love! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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