Why are you in a wheelchair?

I’ve almost been forced into writing this short post after hearing the same question repeated on many occasions. “Why are you in a wheelchair?” – It’s something that everyone hesitates to ask but always find a way to put it out there. So here’s the lowdown.

The embarrassment and stigma which is sometimes attached to having a disability is something that is hard to overlook. Although huge strides have been taken in order to ensure disabled individuals feel included within society and to break down the barriers of prejudice, it is still something which is prevalent in everyday life for myself and other disabled individuals.

Explaining more about my disability is not something I take lightly. It’s painful at times to discuss and I often find myself feeling uncomfortable telling people I don’t know really well. It took Doctors months to finally give me a proper diagnoses. I was passed from specialist to specialist on my quest to finally get to the bottom of what’s wrong with me. I was even given the wrong diagnosis on more than one occasion which of course, added to my confusion and distress. My disability is something which causes me great mental and physical pain, often on a daily basis. Despite all of this, it’s something which I have striven to overcome – which can be seen with my quest to see the world. So, why do I use a wheelchair? Well, basically…. My dick is too big.


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