If you can’t handle the way I roll, swipe left.

The wonderful Alex Holland has agreed to be the first guest blogger on my site! Alex is a 24 year old Law student living in Melbourne, Australia, where she also runs a blog called ‘Defying Disability’. Like me, Alex is a huge fan of travel and has been all around the world on many various adventures. Such journeys have included trekking solo around Europe, all whilst in the comfort of her wheelchair. Below you will find the beginning of her latest blog entry, it’s a cracker! To read on ( which I HIGHLY recommend you do – it gets hotter ;p ), click on the link to her own blog at the bottom of this snippet… 😀


Whether it’s applying for a clerkship with a top tier law firm or creating a Tinder profile, the decision of whether or not to disclose a disability can be a frustrating internal dilemma. After reading an article discussing disabled dating on Tinder and the reasons for and against disclosure, I was reminded of my second year of law school and my confusion as to whether I had a duty to disclose my disability when applying for clerkships. After a long and heated debate with family members and friends, my approach to job applications and dating became exactly the same: full disclosure.

I have always disclosed my disability on Tinder – it never even occurred to me to present myself as someone ‘normal’ in order to get matches. My reasons are simple – I’m not going to waste my witty banter with someone who rejects me for something I can’t help. My Tinder profile has a clear image of me in my wheelchair and the caption ‘And yes, I’m in a wheelchair. If you can’t handle the way I roll, swipe left.’



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