Thank-you, Mum.

At a young age I went through a stage in my life where I had many questions about my disability. Why am I different, mum? Why can’t I play football like the other kids, mum? Is my condition going to get worse, mum? Why do I have to have more surgery, mum? My head was bamboozled.

It was at this same time that I began to feel extremely sorry for myself. As my questions began to grow in volume, so too did my tendency to dwell on the things that I wasn’t able to achieve, rather than to focus on what I could achieve.

If I didn’t have my mum I would have surely slipped further and further into the mire of inevitable depression which would have eventually accompanied my disgruntled inability to do the things that I so desperately wanted to.

My mum pulled no punches, and I thank her for that with all my heart. I remember sitting on the living-room floor, crying my eyes out because I just wanted to get up and run around, kick a football on the top field and just be like all the other boys. Mum showed me very little sympathy – which turned out to be the perfect remedy for my self deprecating sadness. She told me to stop thinking too much about what I couldn’t do and be thankful for what I could do. She reminded me that I had talents which others could only dream of having. In essence, she made me feel 10 foot tall when I needed it most – which was handy as I’m still a wee nipper of a lad now, so you can imagine how small I was then!

Throughout my whole life my mum continued to push me and helped me in every way that she could to ensure that I reached my full potential in life.

Mum, I want to thank-you for everything that you’ve ever done for me and for helping me to become the man that I am today. You’re an amazing woman and I couldn’t have wished for a better mother. You give me that boost of confidence at times where I’m feeling unsure, but at the same time, you help me to keep my feet firmly on the ground and not do anything too crazy.

As I sit here in New Zealand, whilst pursuing my dreams and living out my passions, I feel a tinge of sadness that I cannot be with my mum today. Mother’s Day in the UK is a special time, and I admit, I haven’t always made as much effort as I should have done. Thankfully being away from home for almost a year now has given me a whole new perspective of what’s important. So, without further ado, I’d just like to say… I love you mum, and happy mother’s day from across the globe.

 P.S. Dad, don’t get jealous, you know I love you too.

One of only three pictures that I carry with me around the world.

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