The Igimbayev Twins

After writing about our friend Eugene I have been somewhat hassled by another friend of mine; Dias, who really wanted his own special blog post dedication. I thought about it for some time and it occurred to me that it would be completely insensitive of me to write a post in honour of how amazing Dias is, if I failed to also write about his twin (and equally amazing) brother; Damir. Despite the pair of them having totally different personalities and living their own individual lives, it’s almost impossible to mention one without the other and I felt it would be far better to do a joint post to champion and celebrate both boys in equal measure.

First things first, when you first meet Dias you’ll assume he’s just called in after a job interview, or a wedding, or press conference, or anything else which would require one to be smartly dressed and well turned out. Dias’ fashion sense is impeccable and just when you think he’s donned his smartest suit, he’ll pull something extra special out the bag for such ‘formal occasions’ as exams. Yes – you read that correct, Dias will religiously attend all exams wearing a suit. One of the most mystical things about Dias is his ability to switch off and drown out just about everything going on around him in an effort to solely dedicate himself to study. It’s quite a remarkable feat to behold when you consider how bubbly and energetic he is at any other moment. Dias is sensitive and kind, with an abundance of maturity which well exceeds his age. This fresh faced boy only recently turned eighteen, after studying all his life in Kazakhstan and enrolling at Fontys University at the tender age of just seventeen.


Dias’ aforementioned ability to zone out and hone in on his studies is a credit to his academia. The boy is stupidly smart, and it’s easy to get lost in a long an intricate conversation regarding just about everything. I remember on one particular journey, when we were traveling back from Copenhagen in the car, we sat for almost an hour discussing various global economies and the monetary systems adopted by countries such as Denmark. On other occasions such lengthy discussions have centred around other interesting topics such as languages, equality and education. Needless to say, as I mentioned, his mental age seems to reach far beyond his physical age.

I always find it a pleasure to be in Dias’ company and nothing feels better than when the two of us are joined by Emilija and we can just relax and be ourselves, free from judgement and allowed to be as expressive as we want. Dias is blessed with thoughtfulness and he is always just a text message away if ever you need him. He’ll help out his friends in any way that he can and he is ultra dependable. Out of my group of friends, I reserve a special place for Dias.. he’s proven himself as a real friend time and time again and I could never ask for anything more in a person. Besides, he’s too downright adorable to dislike! 😀

Damir is a real mans man, a football loving, shisha smoking brute of a guy who’s always got a crude joke to make and a smile on his face when he tells it. Damir never fails to make me laugh, and if ever I’m feeling low then Damir is probably the guy to contact. His sensible dose of rationality mixed with a healthy splash of humour is usually enough to bring the most depressive person out of their slump. Damir; like his brother, has a thirst for travel, and he’s the first on my list when recruiting people to visit new places with. Damir is someone who can always be depended upon and someone who’ll make the most out of any situation thrown at him.


The ladies love him and the guys all want to be just like him, Damir just oozes confidence and sophistication from every place imaginable.

Damir is also highly intelligent and it’s thanks to his hard work and persistence that I was eventually able to pass my Economics exam; so for that I will eternally be grateful. Damir’s grades are something for us all to aspire to, and he sat with me in the Economics exam, not because he failed, but because he wanted to better his grade even more. A work ethic which should be shared by us all. I also have an abundance of stories which could be told about Damir; such as the time where he used all the toilet paper in Switzerland because he had the shits, but I’ll refrain.

To sum up…

the boys

Having you guys in our life is just amazing and whenever you head back to Kazakhstan for either Christmas or Summer, you are sorely missed. We’re privileged to not just have one great friend, but two. Oh and if you ever get the chance to hear Damir play the guitar – you should!


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