Introducing Mr. Boonyabovonviwat

I wrote this blog post almost two years ago, but I’ve adapted certain aspects to make it slightly more time-appropriate. Bank continues to be one of my best friends, and someone who I took great pleasure in meeting up with in his home country of Thailand when I was in Bangkok in August last year. I’ll be returning to Thailand very soon and it’ll be sad to not see my ‘beb’ there when I arrive. Nevertheless, I’m super excited to reconnect once we’re all back at Uni in Holland from September onward! Enjoy the piece… 

bank555555I’ve known Thanasap (Bank for short) for almost three years now and I still barely pronounce his surname correctly; Boonyabovonviwat is bloody hard to get your tongue around! Bank was one of the first people I met when I went into University after arriving in Holland on the back of a
whirlwind few days. He instantly tried to talk to me and make me feel welcome. He’s since told me that on that first day I looked pretty “fucked up” – to use his own quotation; and I guess that means maybe he felt sorry for
me, but I’d like to think he just genuinely wanted to speak with me ;). The language barrier between us was pretty intense at first, with Bank struggling to understand 95% of what I was saying. The only things he managed to figure out from our conversation were the parts when we starting talking about football, as he recognised a lot of the players names who play for Newcastle United (my team). So we bonded over football – what’s new? 😉

I also found out fairly quickly that Bank shared another interest of mine, which was Basketball. At the time I was still playing for Newcastle Eagles and I had agreed to fly back for games and train in The Netherlands, however this ended shortly after Christmas 2013 as I didn’t have the finances to keep traveling back and forwards every other weekend. Bank on the other hand had been one of the best basketball players in his province back in Thailand and he aimed to continue playing whilst in Holland which seemed to spark a definite friendship between us.


Now, three years later, things are extremely tight between the two of us, although I’ve been missing my ‘beb’ for the past two semesters as we’ve both in separate countries for our Minor Study Abroad through Uni and our internships. I really cannot wait to get back to Holland and be finally reunited with my boy! Throughout the years that we’ve spent as friends, Bank has joined me on three major trips that I took. First, he came with me to Brussels, secondly we went to Paris together and finally he braved the cold and came with me to Copenhagen; after much persuasion. Every trip was made extra special by him just being there with us. Paris was perhaps one of my favourite weekends as the combination of Bank and Chinese Michael is just too hilarious too even put into words. Many quotes from that weekend still stay with us now and get used on a regular basis. The trip came at just the right time also as it allowed us all (including Peter) to bond and get to know each other better over some fun and crazy antics.

How could I describe Bank in three words? Crazy, clever and caring. I remember when he first met Emilija he interrupted the conversation and asked in a polite manner “excuse me, do you mind if I fart?” – before proceeding to go over into the corner of the room and let one go. That just gives you a little taste of how hilarious, yet oh-so considerate he is at times, haha!. As I mentioned, Bank is another guy in my class who’s just too smart for his own good. He routinely gets the highest grades out of all of us and when it comes to all round performance, he probably the smartest person on our course.Bank is also crazy because of his wicked sense of humour and his inability to be embarrassed by things which would make even the most ballsy person blush. As for the caring part of his personality, well let’s just say I know I can always count on Bank if I’m ever in a sticky situation and it’s important surround yourself with friends like that.

For two years – we had a ritual where Bank would meet me outside his apartment with his bike and I would hang onto the back of it whilst he pedaled us both to school. It must have looked pretty comical but it was sure as hell a fast way of making it to class on time! As well as all these factors, Bank was my gym buddy in the first year and I can honestly say the progress he’s made on his body since we started hanging out is immense. Keep up the hard work buddy, you’re going to be the most ripped Thai guy ever!

Bank is just an all round great guy and someone I’m always glad to have round. I can’t wait to see him again in a couple of months, and this coming semester promises to be just as fun packed and hilarious as the last few! Bank has possibly the kindest heart you could ever imagine and I couldn’t wish for a more awesome friend to have! I hope you’re having the best time ever in Hong Kong dude!


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