I thought it might be quite nice to write a little blog detailing some of my top tips for anyone wishing to get into the blogging game. This post was inspired by the many people who have come to me at some stage in the past 12 months and asked for advice on how they too could set up their own blog.


Choosing the right blog host for you is of paramount importance and I really do recommend taking the time to do your research beforehand in order to figure out which site is best for your needs. Personally I like to use WordPress as it’s simple and efficient, yet gives me everything I need and is awesome for blog analytics. Prior to WordPress I was using Blogger, which is also pretty good, but for me, it lacked the freedom to change my theme to they way I wanted it to be and I felt dissatisfied with how my blog was looking. I have a terrible sense for colour schemes and so my blog looked absolutely atrocious for that brief window of time before merging to WordPress.

You also want to choose a host that enables you to grow with your blog. With WordPress this is so simple, and as you get bigger as a blogger you may opt to pay for their professional services, which opens you up to all kinds of cool featured and locked blog themes. There’s also the insanely good opportunity to snag a domain name for your site and an email address – adding to your overall credibility as a writer. I should really get onto that…


So you’ve got your blog and you’re all signed in, set up and raring to go. Now what? Well first things first you’re going to need to know what it is you’re actually wanting to write about. It’s no good being a jack of all trades and just writing about whatever the heck you feel like – there’s no consistency with that. Far better to choose a topic and stick to it, so for me, the obvious choice was travel, seeing as I a total junkie when it comes to exploring the world.

Readers love continuity and consistency with your writing, so don’t be a scatter brain like I am and just stick to what you’re passionate about.


Bloggers these days are two-a-penny and you generally find that bloggers are stigmatised as being self-righteous assholes with just a little too much time on their hands. Because of this it’s really important to remember to be yourself. People will come back to your blog if they feel like they can connect with you in same way. Being yourself is also an amazing way to let your true nature (and hopefully humour) shine. But if you still come across as being a pretentious little shit, well, sorry buddy, that’s just your own fault (disclaimer: I know non of you reading this are pretentious little shits… You’re all beautiful people. Please don’t unsubscribe!)


If you want to go from being a part time blogger, who is just doing so they can say they’ve got a hobby outside of masturbating and playing video games, to a serious and influential e-journalist, then you’re going to have to pay close attention to your overall branding. Likes, shares and comments are the name of the game in this ever changing rat-race. I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to take the time to build up a large audience across all social media platforms. This is especially true if you’re like me and hope to secure sponsored deals or company partnerships. Nothing is free these days and overall there are literally millions of bloggers out there, so businesses need to know that investing in you will result in a great return for them – i.e. Solid advertisement on their behalf through your social media accounts. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, so why not make sure you’re top dog?


Much like when the great Casey Neistat says the key to being an awesome YouTuber is to just keep uploading, the important thing to remember when seeking to become a successful blogger is basically to do the same thing and just continuously upload. Content is king in this business and your readers not only need you to remain relevant but they also want to know that you’re on your blogging game and that you’re churning out material almost as fast as they can read it. Striking that balance is tough, however; because you need to maintain quality as well as quantity. More posts = more blog traffic. It’s that simple.

So there you have it, there’s 5 of my very best tips on how to become a successful blogger – and I do apologise if it all seems a little disjointed, I was very much just ‘shooting from the hip’ here and wrote this out as I was thinking it. Anyway, I hope that some of my advice will work for you. Good luck!




9 thoughts on “Advice for newbie bloggers

    1. I guess what I meant by that is if you set yourself a schedule of say, two blogs a week, then you should try to stick to it. As long as your material is of good quality then I don’t think you can blog ‘too much’.

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  1. In case of building your brand I personally think that every blogger should get basic knowledge on SEO and how organic search results are ranked by Google. Basics, such as keyword-oriented writing, should be your #1 priority when it comes to widening your audience.

    Hope you enjoy your current and upcoming trips, pal!

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      1. A good start for bloggers, apart from reading on the webs, is the Yoast SEO plugin. Give it a try! It’s very self-explaining and pushes you into a learning-by-doing position.

        Keep your head up high, man! Cheers from Malaysia

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      2. Yeah definitely should have added some stuff about SEO. I’ve only recently learnt more about it as admittedly, before writing this article I’d never even heard much about SEO… It’s certainly the way forward.


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