Interviewed for a Podcast!

In 2016 I was approached by a lovely guy named Ric Gazarian and asked if I would be willing to be interviewed for one of his podcasts which he records in conjunction with his blog – GlobalGaz. The podcast features travellers of the same ilk – those who are on a quest to visit all 193 UN registered countries – and who’ll stop at nothing until their mission is complete.

Due to the nature of how popular GlobalGaz’ Counting Countries podcasts are, I of course felt extremely honoured to be considered and with that, I had great fun ‘chewing the fat’ over Skype and answering lots of interesting questions.


If you would like to hear my interview, you can listen to the podcast on GlobalGaz’s website by clicking HERE!

You can also subscribe to the podcast via iTunes – so that you never miss a single episode of this thoroughly interesting series!

Don’t forget to show GlobalGaz some social media lovin’ by clicking on the following links:

Twitter – @GlobalGaz 

Facebook – GlobalGaz

Instagram – GlobalGaz


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