Is this one of the coolest hotels in London?

A few weeks ago I was offered the chance to stay at citizenM Tower of London, which is a wonderful centrally located hotel, right in the heart of London town. I’d previously heard a lot about the chain and there many hotels – stemming from New York to Amsterdam – and I’d always been keen to check out what all the hype was about!

Their website boasts of welcoming you to a ‘new kind of hotel’ – and with 24 hour food, 1 minute check in times and free movies on demand in your room – it’s easy to get swept up in the frenzy.

The rooms alone lend themselves to an environment suitable for any dweller of the sheets, with fantastically large beds, copious amounts of cushions, ambient setting mood lighting at your fingertips and of course – the pièce de résistance (for me at least) the overhanging widescreen TV that sits at the foot of your bed, which gives you all the access you need to a wide range of movies – and you might be surprised by what you find there (hint, hint, wink, wink *not for children*). Oh and not forgetting to mention, if you’re looking to chill and watch some Netflix, you can always use AirPlay to connect your device to the big screen – what more could you want?


The shower situation within the room was seriously cool – with a futuristic style capsule and the aforementioned mood lighting settings just the right scene for relaxation. I should probably also mention that everything within the room can be controlled by the iPad that is provided. The TV, the lights, the blinds, the climate, the curtains, even the music – it’s all interchangeable and managed at the touch of a button.

The hotel staff were very courteous and kind; exactly what you’d expect from a mainstream hotel. You’ll see for yourself upon your arrival that there’s not much need for any assistance, as the self check in/check out service is so painless and simple. It really does only take a minute before you’re heading to the lifts and making your way to your room.

Start the day off right

What’s better than starting the day off with a freshly made coffee? I was astounded to find that when heading to breakfast on the ground floor at citizenM, I wasn’t faced with pre-made coffee or a coffee machine perched on a rogue table somewhere next to the croissant. Instead, my order was taken at the bar and fresh coffee was brewed and poured – cafe style!

The breakfast was also delicious and far more varied and abundant than your average hotel. We sat on a large communal table, which was full of people from all backgrounds and ideal for stimulating interesting conversations. If that’s not your thing then there’s also slightly more private seating options dotted around the place, as well as some tables outside for those who want to enjoy breakfast al fresco style!

But if non of these options are grabbing you, you can always just  take your breakfast up to your room and chill with breakfast in bed.

One eye on accessibility

Of course, any review that I write wouldn’t be complete without first taking a look at things with my accessibility hat on. I’m pleased to report that in keeping with the ultra modern vibe that citizenM protrudes, they also ensure that they’ve covered all bases with respect to inclusive accommodation. Lifts, ground level disabled toilets, accessible canteen area, approachable staff, automatic doors at the entrance, roll-in-showers and larger rooms to accommodate a wheelchair – it all bodes well, and there’s genuinely nothing to be concerned about when booking at citizenM Tower of London.

If you specify ahead of time that you require an accessible room then a staff member will assist you during the self check-in process to ensure extra smoothness.


Final remarks

To sum up; citizenM is a very comfortable place to stay. All your needs are taken care of expertly and you’ll feel thoroughly refreshed after a night or two. The location of the hotel just adds to the charm and if you’re lucky enough to snag a room that has views of the the Tower of London then you’re in for a real historical treat, fit for Queen Elizabeth I herself – only you have the benefit of a beautiful warm bed, instead of the cold four walls of the tower across the street!

citizenM hotels describe themselves as being ‘your home away from home’, and I can definitely confirm, I felt thoroughly at home at citizenM Tower of London! (Even if I did miss my bus to France due to tube strikes the next day…. doh!)


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